Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19, 2010 - As doG is My Witness...

...I do not make this stuff up. These are actual moments, snippets of conversation, and bits of the day around the Shady Rest.

"Sherman, step off the cat. Thor, spit out Kali and leave her alone. No, I do not care who started it. I will stop it. Because I have the opposable thumbs, that's why."

"Who's digging?"
"Any idea why? Sounds pretty frantic."
"Doesn't he? I've been watching and I still have no idea."
"What's he digging on, exactly?"
"The bed, the square one."
"Should be comfy, from the sound of it."
"You'd think but he wouldn't know. Just laid down right next to it."
"On the floor?"

I hear scuffling out in the kitchen, look around, count noses.
I hear paws trotting briskly down the hall from the kitchen to the office. A pointy little face peers curiously around the door frame.
"Yes, mama?"
"What are you doing out there?"
"Me?" The head tilts. "Nuuuuthin."
The face disappears back around the doorframe, the sound of trotting heads back toward the kitchen. More scuffling ensues, including what sounds suspiciously like the low growl of an annoyed feline.
The face appears in the doorway again, ears up.
"You wouldn't, by any chance, be aggravating the cat, would you, Sherm?"
The ears droop. He looks away. He grumbles at Loki on his way to the snuggle bed. I almost feel bad for spoiling his fun.

Small accomplishment for the day - Archie got to running down the hall and passed Spencer! Go Archie!

Cj and I are out running some errands and it starts to rain. We go to get out at the grocery store, and she hands me the rain jacket she keeps in her car. "Here, it's rainy."
"I see that. Why don't you wear the rain jacket?"
"Because you get cold easier than I do."
"So? You get cold too?"
"I don't mind as much. You wear the jacket."
"Oh, I see how it is. You want ME to wear the jacket, then you'll get cold and wet, get pneumonia, and expect me to wait on your sick, sorry butt hand and foot?"
"That's my plan, yes." as she hops out of the car and trots away, giggling, in the rain...

So, right now, Spencer is in the snuggle bed quietly watching it all, Sherman's on the bedroom floor, staring at the cat on the bed so hard I fear the feline may burst into flame, Loki's dragging his bed around the office, and Sammie's starting to fuss because it's...well...it's Tuesday, I guess. Through it all, Freya is asleep. My world - welcome to it.

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